Free expense tracker & receipt scanner to save money on bookkeeping costs.

Instabooks AI powered software automatically categorises expenses and posts them in your accounting journal and ledger. View your business spending and profitability ratios on the go without using spreadsheets or shoeboxes of receipts.

How to scan receipts, record expense transactions and track expenses in accounting journal
Best receipt scanner and expense tracker app
How to create a tax invoice

Weekdays, doing what you like.

How to create a basic invoice

Weekends, doing what you don’t like.

How to create a blank invoice

Month-end, paying for what you don’t like.

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Year-end, paying even more for what you don’t like.

Recording expenses and tracking expenses, using Instabooks

How to create a simple invoice

Saving $7K on bookkeeping & earning $10K extra income.

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Skipping the tax time.

Streamline expenses tracking to save money and time

Instabooks automates the expenses tracking process. Instabooks enables you to record expense related transactions in real time using simple voice commands. No accounting knowledge is needed.



Transactions are described in 1 sentence.



Relevant accounts are debited and credited.



Relevant account balances are updated.



Receipts & reports are auto saved.

Expense recording and tracking best practices using Instabooks

Here are 6 simple and effective expense recording and tracking best practices for small businesses

Keep track of your business expenses

Simply describe your business spendings in one sentence and let Instabooks AI powered software automatically categorise them in expense related accounts accurately. This will save you on external bookkeeping costs. No need to wait for your bookkeeper or bank statements to arrive, Instabooks will update you about your expenses and cash position on a daily basis.

How to add an expense transaction
How to add a bill or spend money transaction to a project

Keep track of your project expenses

Instabooks projects are simple to set up. Instabooks makes it easy to allocate expenses accurately to each project. Track and monitor project expenses and budgets on a daily basis to keep cash flow and profit margins healthy.

Invoice clients accurately

With Instabooks it’s easier than ever to record and allocate expenses to client projects and invoice them accordingly to get paid on time.

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How to record expenses in accounting journal

Save money on bookkeeping and tax preparation

Using voice for journal entry makes the process 3 times faster and using AI for account categorisation saves bookkeeping costs paid to external bookkeepers. Instabooks fully automates transaction reconciliations so stop worrying about forgotten expense descriptions

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