Best accounting software for US small businesses

Try the best small business accounting software to save money and time for your business

Best accounting software for small businesses

Press. Speak. Record. Bookkeeping Done! All in only 4 seconds!

Cost saving


90% of your accounting transactions are recorded by external bookkeepers costing you about $7,000 annually. Instabooks AI powered accounting software will automate manual bookkeeping and save you $7,000.

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Time saving

200 HRS

You still need to do 10% of accounting tasks, mainly invoicing, yourself at weekends that takes 4 hours weekly and 200 hours annually. Instabooks AI powered accounting software will reduce that to only 4 minutes per week.

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Instabooks saves you 200 hours of DIY bookkeeping. The 200 hours equals $10,000 of missed income. Instabooks gives the $10,000 back to you. How many clients you could serve if you had extra 200 hrs? Sign up to earn $10,000 of extra work!

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4 s

Recording each accounting transaction with instabooks takes only 4 seconds. If you record 50 transactions per week, it takes only 4 minutes of your time in comparison with Xero, Quickbooks, Sage and MYOB that take 4 hours.

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100 %

Instabooks AI powered accounting software uses algorithms that are 100% accurate in categorising accounts and recording transactions in comparison with Xero, Quickbooks, Sage and MYOB that offer only 50%-80% accuracy.

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Tax time


Manage your quarterly and annual tax obligation without spending too much time and money. Instabooks streamlines your record keeping and accounting tasks to reduce your manual admin workload. As a result, there is no tax time rush.

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Tax return


Traditional bookkeeping requires quarterly visit to bookkeepers for data entry, during these gaps many receipts are lost that results in lower tax deductables but with Instabooks there’s no lost receipts and you can claim all expenses.

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Cash flow update


With traditional bookkeeping you have to wait for last month bank feed or statements to arrive and your bookkeeper to reconcile transaction to get your cash flow statement. But with Instabooks you get real time cash flow insight.

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With the game changing business intelligence provided by Instabooks AI powered accounting software making strategic sales and marketing, operation, HR and financial decisions that increases profitability is easier than before.

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Loan docs


Enjoy fast business loan approval by taking advantage of Instabooks autofilled financial statements, one touch loan application and one application to multiple banks to access funds with favorable terms, amount and interest rate and fees.

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Instabooks is the best accounting software

Switch from QuickBooks, Xero & Wave to Instabooks accounting software

Features Instabooks Alternatives
Free accounting software subscription

$5 - $75
Cost saving on external bookkeeping fees
$7,000 /Y
Time saving on manual bookkeeping
200 Hrs /Y
Income increase
$10,000 /Y

Transaction recording speed
4 s
Transaction recording mode
Voice + K-board
Transaction categorisation
Semi auto
Categorisation accuracy
50% - 80%
System intelligence
Trial & error
Plug & play

Instant BAS, VAT, Sales tax update

Smooth tax season

Try Instabooks accounting software for free

Use business tools, accounting templates and mobile applications to send customised quotes & invoices. Accept payments. Track project expenses, costs, GST, VAT, sales tax. Automate accounts payable & receivable.

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