Unsecured business loan for startups

Startup business loans with no collateral

Small business insurance for startups

Affordable public liability insurance for startups & new businesses

Solving $1.5B un insurance

Making insurance accessible for 300,000 Australian businesses

Saving $1.5B insurance commission

Reducing the cost of insurance distribution to zero per policy

Redefining traditional online banking & insurance marketplaces

The innovation designed in response to the latest market trends

In response to Accenture’s technology vision for insurance and banking and in order to assist insurers and banks to become customer oriented and smoothly transition to new economies we designed a mobile first, voice first and AI first complementary distribution channel with below listed unique value propositions.

Super intelligent conversational insurance distribution channel

5 Billion real time transactions
5 Billion real time touch points
One touch loan & insurance application
Fast quoting
Affordable insurance
Risk dashboard

Reducing the distribution costs of banking and insurance products to $0.00

instabooks improves cost effectiveness and efficiency of your mobile first customer acquisition strategy by assisting you to:

Win data and analytics game

Be customer oriented

Personalise products based on customer needs

Make instant loan decision

Enjoy one touch loan application

Reduce NPL rate

Increase accuracy of financial risk models

Segment accurately

Understand the potential value of target markets to use right channels, time and offers

Manage risk in real-time

Automatically assess and price risk directly, individually and in real-time

Comply with IFRS 17

Update product design & distribution, remuneration & forecasting methodologies

Transform banking and insurance distribution channels

Boost touch points

5 billion new opportunities to quote, sell & cross-sell

Plug and play

Embed “point of sale” option to access sizeable new markets

Achieve network effects

One platform, 50 conversational user interfaces and 500 m SMBs

Move to front end of ecosystems

Be in touch with SMBs when transactions are live

Enter new ecosystems

Enter gig economy ecosystem through a voice first & AI first channel

Reduce banking and insurance transaction costs

Embrace mobile channels

Connect with offline customers and reduce cost of transactions through a mobile first, voice first and AI first channel

Partner with us

Reduce the cost of insurance distribution from $792 per policy to about zero through embedded “point of sale” options during 5 billion live transactions

We embed your “point of sale” button for following financial products

5 Billion real time transactions to access sizeable new markets

Small Business Insurance

Public Liability Insurance
Commercial Motor Insurance
Tools & Equipment Insurance
Business Building & Contents Insurance
Business Protection Insurance
Cyber Liability Insurance

Business Banking Products

Business Bank Accounts
Business Credit Cards
Travel Cards
Business Loans
Payment Solutions

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