Free invoice generator & expense tracking software

Use free invoice template generator to create & send online invoices.
Try GST, VAT & sales tax calculator. Scan receipts. Track & categorise expenses.

Smart accounting features to save time and money

instabooks enables you to record daily accounting transactions in real time using simple voice commands. No accounting knowledge is needed.
It fully automates invoicing, debiting, crediting, journalising, ledgering and updating financial statements.
No setup, no training, no worries!
Voice powered journal entry in only 4 seconds
Real time ledger updates
Voice powered expense entry
24/7/360 pocket size bookkeeper
AI powered account classification
Voice powered invoice entry
One touch loan & insurance application

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Plug and play!

No setup, no training, no worries!

Accessible convenience

24/7/360 pocket size bookkeeper

Time is money

Voice powered journal entry in only 4 seconds

Money is King

AI classification of accounts to save bookkeeping costs

Watch the King

Real time ledger updates for cash flow insight

My money

Voice powered invoice entry to get paid on the spot

Beat the Taxman

Voice powered expense entry to maximise tax return

Reduce accounts receivable

Invoice reminder to be positive cash flow

Manage accounts payable

Bill reminder to avoid angry calls

Stop costly projects

Project cost tracker to stay on track

One touch insurance

Let instabooks do the insurance shopping for you

One touch loan

Let instabooks to fill out loan applications for you