Free small business bookkeeping software to manage invoices, receipts, expenses, ledgers, taxes & finances

instabooks saves you $7,000 on GST, BAS, VAT & sales tax
calculations paid to external bookkeepers.

Saving $7,000 on tax preparation sounds good!

Prepay for instabooks and save 10%
/ m
if billed annually
$11/m if billed monthly
15 Transactions /m
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/ m
if billed annually
$33/m if billed monthly
30 Transactions /m
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/ m
if billed annually
$66/m if billed monthly
60 Transactions /m
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if billed annually
$99/m if billed monthly
90 Transactions /m
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All plans include

AI powered account classification
Voice powered journal entry
Real time ledger update
Voice powered invoice entry
Voice powered expense entry
Invoice reminder
Bill reminder
Project cost tracker
One touch loan & insurance application

Need help getting your BAS statement and income tax return filed?

We can connect you with expert CPA tax accountants. When your books are ready, they’ll file your taxes. Email us at to discuss the options.


What type of businesses should use instabooks?

First time entrepreneurs with no bookkeeping experience.


Independent professionals

Businesses with 1-10 employees.

People involved in sharing economy like Uber, Airbnb, Lyft etc

How instabooks is different from Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB and Sage?

With instabooks you don’t have to worry about chart of accounts, cash or accrual system, double entry accounting, journal entry, ledgers and other distractions.

I’m a booked out independent sales consultant, sell me!

Based on a report by NAB and PWC, small businesses spend about 4 hours per week on DIY bookkeeping. Instabooks reduces the 4 unbilled hours to only 4 minutes per week, freeing up 200 hours that cost $7,000 annually. instabooks also saves about $1,500 paid to external bookkeepers.

I’m a builder, tell me why real time bookkeeping is superior?

Construction project costs are highly volatile, the most accurate estimations are only valid for a month or even a week. A real time bookkeeping solution allows builders to carefully monitor cash flow of various projects in real time, allarming cost increases and unbudgeted due payments.

With traditional bookkeeping you have to rely on previous month bank statements, you already know what happened last month, not useful at all.

I’m a tech entrepreneur why would I need financial statements?

Tech entrepreneurship is all about a laptop, GIT and 5 star reviews. That’s why very often tech entrepreneurs’ loan applications are declined by banks due to lack of collaterals. On the other hand, entrepreneurs have sufficient cash flow to indicated their creditworthiness to banks but they don’t have access to financial statements to prove their cashflow and profit. With instabooks you are only 4 second away from your prepared financial statements. The next step is launch, growth and success.